Actual photo of a vehicle destroyed in the arson attack.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY- Local authorities of this city are currently gathering more information about the arrested suspect, Keydence Clark Gulmatico, who is believed to be responsible for burning seven parked vehicles in different streets of General Santos City.

Gulmatico, a 30-year-old resident of Alunan, Barangay Bula, was apprehended during a hot pursuit operation in Asai Village several hours later after the incident.

According to reports, some of Gulmatico’s relatives and neighbors in Sultan Kudarat confirmed his involvement in previous arson incidents, with witnesses supporting their claims.

During the initial investigation, it was discovered that Gulmatico is already facing a theft charge and was temporarily released on bail, which he admitted.

The suspect is thought to suffer from “pyromania,” a psychological disorder characterized by a fascination with starting fires.

The police do not believe Gulmatico’s alibi that someone paid him to commit the crime and still considers other possible motives for the vehicle burnings.

Police Colonel Nicomedes Paña Olaivar Jr., city police director, warned that they will not tolerate anyone intending to commit a crime in the city. Gulmatico is currently in the custody of Police Station 1, and the necessary legal actions are being prepared against him.(Jazztein Jubelag)