KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato- A ranking official of the Land Transportation Office here has welcomed any investigation that will shed light on the alleged corruption involving the imposition of ‘quota’ system by the LTO-12 regional office.

LTO-12 Regional Director Melharrieh Tomawis has dared his accusers who posted on the social media that he was allegedly asking ‘tara’ from each LTO district chiefs in the Socsksargen region ranging from 100,000 to P300,000 monthly of which P1.5 million is being shared to South Cotabato Gov. Reynaldo Tamayo as funds for the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas.

Tomawis said that some disgruntled LTO employees whom he relieved from their post following their involvement in irregularities were reportedly behind the smear campaign against him which had circulated on the social media.

The LTO official dared his accusers to come out in the open and file a formal complaint against him so that he can clear his name in a proper forum.

Tomawis said that he is willing to cooperate in any investigation that will be conducted by the higher-ups so that he will be given due process to air his side on the controversy.

He denied allegations that he imposed a monthly quota system ranging from P100, 000 to P300,000 among the 16 LTO district heads in the region.

To be able to meet the required monthly quota, LTO district heads had reportedly resorted to overcharging the fines and payment for the renewal of driver’s license and vehicle registration without official receipts.

Tamayo, who serves as national president of Partido Federal, vehemently denied the allegations that he received a monthly allocation from Tomawis as funding support for Partido Federal

Tomawis had appealed to his detractors to spare Tamayo from the controversy, saying that the governor had not given instruction for him to raise funds for the administration’s political party.

The LTO official used to be a Partido Federal provincial coordinator in Lanao before he was appointed to the post in June last year.

Tomawis said that he got the ire of some incompetent and undesirable LTO officials and employees who were adversely affected by the reforms he had undertaken after he assumed the helm of the LT0-12.

“ I challenge my accusers to come out and back up their allegations with evidence,” Tomawis stressed.

The LTO official maintained that he was just implementing administrative reforms needed for effective and efficient delivery of public services which had adversely affected several undesirable and incompetent personnel at the LTO-12 Regional Office.