Actual photo of the slain police officer.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY- Following the tragic shooting of Police Corporal Ricky Mendoza Gomez while riding his motorcycle along the Diversion Road in Barangay Apopong, General Santos City, authorities are investigating a potential work-related motive behind the incident.

Police Colonel Nicomedes Olaivar, director of the General Santos City Police Office, confirmed that the nature of Gomez’s work as an intelligence operative of the Carmen Municipal Police Station in North Cotabato suggests a connection to his profession.

“In the line of duty, operatives often encounter dangerous individuals or criminals, leading us to consider a work-related motive for the killing,” stated Olaivar in an interview.

While emphasizing the possibility of a work-related motive, Olaivar also noted that the investigation remains open to exploring other angles related to the victim’s death.

Immediate action followed the incident, with Olaivar ordering hot pursuit operations against the suspects and implementing heightened security measures across the city, including strategic choke points.

Despite the challenges posed by the incident, Olaivar reassured the public that the local police force maintains control over the city’s security, and measures are in place to safeguard the lives of residents.